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Houston Small Business Marketing specializes in creating a Houston mobile website design process that allows our customers in-depth understanding of mobile websites. We have a strong expertise in developing mobile deisgns on smartphones like iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

To get your business website compatible to mobile devices, you need a mobile-friendly design to make your business website marketing strategy effective.
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July 10, 2013

Know Key Components Of Efficient Mobile Web Design

"As usual, consumers are shifting to mobile devices for the convenience and efficient access. So offering your customers better ways to access your products and services is likely to give you a unique advantage over your competition.

To optimize your website for mobile, it is not a modernized charge anymore and is more than a required movement for any business that desires to extend a market. Really, this is due to the fast expanding mobile users channeling web pages from their hand-held.."

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The Basics of Mobile Website Design

Your business web site is made for desktop machines or laptops and is not compatible with mobile phones because of bandwidth and screen width limitations. A mobile device works well when your business website detects when a mobile device is in use and downloads a mobile-friendly version of your website.

Each industry requires basic content for mobile design development: Home, About Us, Services, Contact, and Frequently Asked Questions. Our app covers the essentials in addition to add-ons such as forms, click-to-call, etc.

Our Houston mobile website development process delivers simplified menus, easy to navigate interfaces, limited use of images and graphics to create a better user experience for your existing and potential customers.

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Advantages of Mobile Website Design

• Improved User Experience
• Brand Identity
• Competitive Advantage
• Faster Download Speed
• Portability and Connectivity
• Improved Search/SEO performance
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