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Most small and medium-sized businesses do not have an effective web site presence. For those businesses in Houston and surrounding areas who are counting of their website to bring them business, an effective Houston custom website marketing plan is a must. Simply creating a web site, either from a pre-made template or software, and getting it online with the cheapest hosting package, will not pass the test.

While using a template website will bring Houston businesses a web presence, when possible, a company should develop a Houston custom website marketing plan to get visible on Search engines. Once the foundation is laid, Houston Small Business Marketing will build your website with the appropriate text, images, and media.
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July 11, 2013

Four Marketing Rules We've Learned From Zombies

"Rule 1: Keep Your Eye on Your Target Audience

In a post-apocalyptic zombie-driven world, we will all have to keep our eyes and ears open. The same applies in today's marketing department...

To honor Rule 1, you'll first have to build your ideal audience based on your products or services Start with the skeleton and determine their age group, gender, marital status.."

Read Full Article....
Planning an Effective Custom Website Marketing Plan

It should be noted that a web site is a dynamic object. A web site is never really finished. Regular content updating is necessary to optimize a website's effectiveness. As your business changes and grows, so should your website.

Your competitors are developing website marketing techniques to gain market share. It takes effective web marketing strategies to fairly compete with your competitors. Houston Small Business Marketing will audit your current website and my recommendations @ no cost.

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